August 22, 2022

Where in the world of NFTs are we going?

Hello Friends!! Welcome back to our Travel Blog 📝

With our travel guides locked, it’s finally time to find out all of the exciting cities you’ll be able to travel to!

🛫 🌆  🏙  🌃 

🇫🇷 Paris

Bonjour mes amis🥖🥐🍯☕️! We all know Hello Kitty loves a good cafe, so how could we not go to Paris?! Known as the City of love, Paris is perfect for Hello Kitty and Friends™. Between the Eiffel Tower, Love Lock Bridge, and the iconic Metro stops, you’ll never run out of spots for a selfie. 🤳 📸

🇬🇧 London

Pop quiz from our last post: where is Hello Kitty from? If you guessed the suburbs of London, you’re right! Nothing like a visit to home sweet home 🏡 when you’re traveling through the world of NFTs. From London Bridge to Big Ben and the London Eye, you won’t run out of iconic stops. But don’t forget to take a tea ☕️🫖 break to recharge for all your upcoming adventures!

🇪🇸 Barcelona

Ahhhh Barça, a city full of culture. La Sagrada Familia, Parque Güell, and the National Palace are going to give you and Hello Kitty and Friends all the culture and art you could ever want! Then, when Pompompurin (or you) gets sleepy 🥱💤 and needs a nap, he’ll have all the friends he could ask for to join him for a little siesta. Just don’t forget to set the ⏰ for your next travel adventure. Time is of the essence!

🇺🇸 Miami

BRB, heading to the beach 🏖! Nothing like a getaway to the Magic 🪄 City for some beachside fun. Hello Kitty can catch some rays, and you know Kerokerokeroppi can’t wait to go for a swim 🏊in the sea 🌊. Cinnamoroll might even take you on a parasailing adventure while you’re there! Because Miami is the home base of RECUR, this is a special destination only available to RECUR Pass Holders. If you’re in need of a tan and want to collect stamps from Miami, you can purchase a RECUR Pass from the marketplace.

🇩🇪 Berlin

You’ll see beautiful culture and architecture on all your travels, but few compare to the cultural capital of the world. Here, you can dance 🕺💃 the night away and snap some pictures 📸 in front of Alexanderplatz, the Brandenburg Gate, or even the Berlin Cathedral. You can also take a little foodie break when you get hungry 🌭🍔😋.

🇦🇺 Sydney

G’day, mate! Hello Kitty and her Friends will have a chance to visit the outback and experience the beauty and thrill of hopping kangaroos and sleepy koalas 🐨. You’re sure to make some new cute friends here and Kerokerokeroppi might even luck out and get to sing 🎶at the Sydney Opera Hall. You can stroll down the Sydney Harbor Bridge to soak in the views and then grab a sweet treat down by Bondi Beach 🏖 where the ☀️ can shine down on you and Hello Kitty and Friends.

🇺🇸 New York City

To the Big Apple 🍎 we go! We all know Hello Kitty loves apples—remember how tall she is? There’s so much to do and see in the city that never sleeps so you better get your nap 😴 in on the flight ✈️, Pompompurin! Kuromi and our foodies will love getting a slice of 🍕 in between visiting Lady Liberty 🗽 and Times Square. Make sure you cross the Brooklyn Bridge to take it all in!

🇯🇵 Tokyo

Back to where all the Hello Kitty and Friends fun started! Visit Rainbow Bridge 🌈 and Shinjuku for some lively city fun before heading to Mount Fuji 🗻where you can reflect on all your incredible adventures. Because this city is so special to Hello Kitty and Friends, this is another destination exclusive to RECUR Pass Holders. Not a Pass Holder? Not a problem! Grab a RECUR Pass on our marketplace before Tokyo opens up for travel.

Ok, so our packing list is almost complete…

Come back soon for the next travel blog and you’ll be ready for takeoff in no time!

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