August 1, 2022

Meet your Travel Guides!

Hello Friends!! Welcome back to our Travel Blog 📝

Get ready for an EXCITING update because we’re officially revealing your travel guides!

Here to share the happy travel adventure with you will be…🥁🥁

Let’s learn a little more about each one of your travel guides!

Hello Kitty

A Hello Kitty and Friends™ adventure wouldn’t be complete without Hello Kitty. Weighing in at 3 apples and standing 5 apples tall, Hello Kitty grew up in the suburbs of London and LOVES 😍 making friends👬👭👫🤝. You’ll usually catch Hello Kitty in her travel-ready outfit of blue overalls, but you’ll ALWAYS see her with her iconic red bow worn on her left ear. She loves collecting all things super cute just like these Hello Kitty and Friends World PFPs.

My Melody

Who next but one of Hello Kitty’s friends, My Melody! She can be found with a red or pink hood and a bow below her right ear. She has a knack for adventure—probably something she got from her grandpa—and she’s friendly to everyone she meets. What a great travel buddy 🤗.


Our next travel Friend might not even need a plane to travel through the world of NFTs, because his adorable long ears allow him to fly! Cinnamoroll is as sweet 🍯 and soft 🍦 as a cinnamon roll, so you might forget about needing those inflight snacks.


Kuromi is a tomboy, but behind her tough appearance, she is actually very girly. She enjoys writing in her diary and reading romance novels. She’s the perfect adventure tour guide to keep you safe during your travels AND show you all the foodie 🍕🍟🌭🍜🍩🍎 spots!


This good-natured boy is always seen with his signature brown beret. 🎨 He LOVES collecting shoes 👟👠👞 and then hiding them 😏. You’re likely to catch him taking a little nap after he eats his favorite snack—cream caramel pudding 🍮.


Last but certainly not least is our friend Kerokerokeroppi who lives in donut pond 🍩🏞. He has the biggest, cutest eyes and loves to be active. If you’re running out of steam on your travels, just turn to Kerokerokeroppi for an energy boost. He loves 🏊 swimming and ⚾️ baseball.

Now that you’ve met all your adorable adventure guides, you know you’re in good hands for your travels! Are you ready for the destinations to be revealed? Next up, we’ll pull back the curtain on just where Hello Kitty and her Friends will be exploring and making new memories.

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