August 9, 2022

Hello Kitty and Friends™ World: NFts Cleared for Landing

Well Hello, Hello Kitty and Friends 😍

You can never have too many friends! That’s what Hello Kitty says and we think she’s right.

Get ready because soon you’ll be able to add some new friends to your life! Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Kuromi, Pompomurin, and Kerokerokeroppi are officially dropping in the very first Hello Kitty and Friends NFT collection.

Hello Kitty and her friends are super excited for their virtual adventures! And now they’re ready to share their itinerary. So, follow along and learn how you can help them make it to their favorite destinations.

Preparing for liftoff.

During the drop, you’ll be able to purchase a suitcase for $100 each. These will only be available for purchase in USD with a credit card (Mastercard and Visa), debit card, or a RECUR account balance. Each Hello Kitty and Friends World suitcase will contain one of the six characters in the drop.

Starting August 24th, a limited supply of 10,000 Hello Kitty and Friends World suitcases will be available to purchase in three sale phases:

  1. RECUR Pass Holder Allowlist Sale: August 24th at 11am ET
  2. RECUR Pass Holder Sale: August 25th at 1pm ET
  3. Public Sale: August 25th at 2pm ET

As an added bonus for RECUR Pass Holders, eligible users will be able to purchase two suitcases per transaction in the Pass Holder Sale while supplies last. In the public sale, users will only be able to purchase one suitcase per transaction.

RECUR Pass Holders are in the fast lane.

4,494 suitcases will be set aside just for Pass Holders to purchase in our first two sale phases.

First up, the RECUR Pass Holder allowlist sale. The allowlist sale gives Pass Holders guaranteed access to purchase one suitcase for each RECUR Pass with specific attributes that you hold during our snapshot on August 23rd at 12pm ET.

The Allowlist Sale will begin on August 24th at 11am ET. If you’re eligible for the sale, you’ll have 24 hours to use your code(s) to purchase suitcase(s) before the next phase begins!

Getting on the allowlist.

You'll get on the Hello Kitty and Friends World allowlist by holding a RECUR Pass that meets either set of criteria below during the snapshot on August 23rd at 12pm ET.

Allowlist Criteria 1

Passes that have all of:

  1. 1. Most Occurring Color = Pink or Red
  2. 2. Digit Sum <= 22 OR Color Set = Dichrome or Trichrome

Allowlist Criteria 2

Passes that have any of:

  1. 1. Most Occurring Color = Neutral or Mixed with 2x Pink and 2x Red
  2. 2. Digit Sum = 1, 2, 41, or 42
  3. 3. Color Set = Monochrome
  4. 4. Longest Sequence >= 4
  5. 5. Properties = Unity, Zero, Pi, Cube, Binary, Perfect, or Fibonacci
  6. 6. Pass Number = 37 or 73

For example, if you hold a Red, Digit Sum 22 Pass AND a Monochrome Pass in your RECUR Wallet on August 23rd at 12pm ET, you’ll receive two allowlist codes for those two qualifying Passes.

Not sure if your Pass qualifies or want to make sure you’re buying the right Pass? You’re in luck! Head over to the RECUR marketplace and filter for Hello Kitty and Friends World allowlist Passes. If you already have a Pass, you can check your attributes to see if you qualify. 🎉

August 24th: Hello Kitty and Friends World allowlist sale

The allowlist sale starts on August 24th at 11am ET. If you’re eligible for the sale, you’ll receive an email with one allowlist code for every eligible Pass you held during the snapshot when the sale begins. Then login to, enter your allowlist code(s), and purchase your suitcase(s). The allowlist sale will last for 24 hours and end on August 25th at 10:59am ET.

August 25th: Pass Holder and public sales

Following the allowlist sale, all RECUR Pass Holders can participate in the 1-hour Hello Kitty and Friends World Pass Holder Sale at 1pm ET, while supplies last. The full inventory and public access to the drop opens at 2pm ET the same day.

Up, up, and away! ✈️

It’s not time yet, but Hello Kitty and Friends are coming soon! So pack your bag, restock your wallet, and be ready for a drop—and adventure—of a lifetime.

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