August 18, 2022

Hello Kitty and Friends™ World Travel Guide


It’s time for an adventure around Hello Kitty and Friends™ World, a world of NFTs where Hello Kitty and five of her BFFs set off on a scavenger hunt and play travel guides. Are you ready to play with some new friends and collect some of your old favorites?

Start by making sure you’re signed up for a Hello Kitty and Friends World (or RECUR Forever) account and then check out our live, active community where we share memes, hold contests, discuss marketplace activity, share news and most importantly, post updates on challenges and when new cities open.

Did you get all that?

We don’t want to spill all the details, yet. First, let’s review our trusty travel checklist 📝 to make sure we’ll be prepared for take off.

Travel Checklist

Tour Guides - Check ✓

Travel Log - Check ✓ (once you read the below 😉)

Destinations - Coming Soon

It looks like we’re all set! It’s time to get everything you need to start collecting with Hello Kitty and Friends. Sit back, grab a snack, and read more about collecting one-of-a-kind Hello Kitty and Friends characters, how to find and collect Stamps, and how to swap them for Snapshot NFTs you can use as backgrounds to customize one of your Hello Kitty travel guides once they’ve been developed.

We’re just missing our travel guide. Come back next week for the next travel blog, and you’ll be ready for takeoff in no time!

Adventuring and Collecting with Hello Kitty and Friends ✈️ 🌎 🌍 🌏

To begin your voyage to Hello Kitty and Friends World, you’ll need to buy one of the adorable, but limited in quantity, Hello Kitty and Friends suitcases from the marketplace. If you’re early enough, you’ll be able to buy this suitcase directly from the homepage; if all the suitcases are sold out, visit the marketplace. Every experienced traveler knows that going on an adventure unpacked and unprepared can be disastrous, but don’t worry about gathering your own luggage for this adventure, Hello Kitty and her friends have it covered!

What's in the suitcase you say? A special new friend (aka travel guide) eager to burst out and take flight on the Hello Kitty and Friends World adventure with you! Each suitcase houses a travel-ready Hello Kitty and Friends NFT, which also makes for a super cute pfp.

Your travel-ready Hello Kitty and Friends character will be yours and yours alone, minted (or created in normal speak) as an NFT on the Polygon blockchain via RECUR. After minting, you’ll be able to withdraw your travel guide to a self-custody Web3 wallet and across any of the blockchains RECUR supports - check out our FAQ’s if any of that just now got too technical 😅. BUT, if you want to participate in challenges and send your travel guide to cities across Hello Kitty World (which is highly recommended if you want to maximize FUN), keep your travel guide right where it is, in your RECUR Wallet.

To play with the community, collectors, and fellow Hello Kitty and Friends fans you only need 1 travel guide.

Friendly Adventure Tip:

If you collect more than one travel guide, you can visit multiple cities at the same time! So having a few travel companions to send to different cities can help you collect more Stamps (more on this later) and see more of Hello and Kitty Friends World.

The real excitement starts when 3 major cities' airports open their runways for Hello Kitty and Friends with an extra 4th major city exclusive to RECUR Pass Holders. With your Hello Kitty travel guide NFT secured, you can join in on a new adventure by signing into your account during a live challenge and heading over to the destination challenge experience where you can send off your travel guide.

Your travel guide will take 5 days per city to sight-see, take loads of selfies, search for Stamps, and maybe have a bite of some delicious cuisines. After that, you can help your travel guide get right back on another flight and send them on their next trip. If your friends aren't traveling, then they're getting bored in the airport! Keep them traveling to keep them happy, because once there are no more Stamps to collect, you won’t be able to visit those destinations anymore. The good news is that each challenge opens up new destinations and opportunities for a cute and exciting globetrotting adventure. Hooray!

Friendly Adventure Tip:

To see every city on Hello Kitty and Friends itinerary check out this blog post (coming soon)!

What are Hello Kitty and her Friends up to? 📸 🌅

Besides simply being free spirits that enjoy exploring, trying new things, and sometimes just saying “gm 👋”, Hello Kitty and her friends love a good old fashioned game. And this time they’re off to collect a limited number of special Stamps spread across major cities in Hello Kitty and Friends World. They’re embarking on a spontaneous scavenger hunt to discover and collect sets of travel Stamps to match, swap, and eventually unlock Snapshot NFTs. And these aren’t your usual Snapshots. These are beautiful 📸 of your friends in different poses with different accessories taken in front of the most special places in the city to which you traveled. The Snapshots are themed like the cities and Stamps you swapped for them. Snapshots showcase beautiful landscapes, skylines, and more from the cities Hello and Kitty and Friends visit, and because these are like real photos of your travel friends’ memories, they’ll take a little bit of time to develop.

After the challenges have wrapped up, Hello Kitty and Friends characters can turn in Stamps and unlock a new Snapshot: a picture of them traveling at that location. Don’t fret if your friend Kuromi didn’t have time to visit NYC. Any of your friends can turn in any of your Stamps. And you can also purchase or trade Stamps on the secondary market, even if you didn’t visit that city, so if you really want Kuromi to have a Snapshot in NYC, you can do it! And you’ll have some time to get your Stamps in order before the Snapshot fun begins.

Friendly Adventure Tip:

Each Stamp has a rarity: Premium, Rare, or Ultra Rare. Ultra Rares are the most rare and very few of them exist. If you get one, consider yourself lucky! You’ll have to have 3 matching Stamps in order to trade them for Snapshots.

Parking your character in a city, even a beautiful one, for 5 days takes a lot of patience. But the fun they'll have and the chance to collect a rare Stamp is worth it. Stamps are tradable on the marketplace, so if you’re missing one, look for a deal to snag what you need!

A Few More Parting Tips and You’re on Your Way! 🌆 🌃 🎑 🌉 🏙 🌄

Like we said, Hello Kitty and her Friends love to play games! And with so few adorable Stamps tucked away in major cities around the world, the biggest game of their lives is about to begin. What will most certainly seem like a vacation to some – the challenge and thrill of discovering, swapping, trading, and combining their Hello Kitty and Friends NFTs – will be familiar to collectors, existing RECUR fans, and blockchain gamers alike.

Stamps swapped for Snapshots are burned and Snapshots that have been obtained by a travel guide cannot be applied to another. Helping your travel guide swap Stamps for a Snapshot gives them ownership of it. Travel guides can hold more than one Snapshot, but they’ll only be able to show off one at a time. Travel guides that are traded to new homes on the marketplace will carry their Snapshots with them.

Friendly Adventure Tip:

When Stamps are swapped they’re destroyed forever. Strategize on how to approach cities during a challenge. Should you camp out for Stamps in a single place or will you try and capture Stamps from every city to resell and help complete sets?

Grab Your Friends and Get Ready for an Adventure of Collecting! 🏆 🏅

It's up to you to help Hello Kitty and Friends travel guides search and explore some of the most beautiful and exciting cities, and don’t forget to look out for those valuable Stamps along the way. Hello Kitty and Friends World marks the beginning of a new way to collect, trade, play, and make new friends along the way. Let the adventures begin!


That was a lot of information to throw at you! Luckily, here’s the TLDR; for those of you who don’t love to read:

2 Sets of Challenges

Send your PFP on trips to different cities.
  • • Each trip lasts 5 days and allows you to collect 1 Stamp.
  • • While on a trip, you cannot list your PFP on the marketplace or withdraw it.
You’ll earn either a premium, rare, or ultra rare Stamp for each trip you take.
  • • There are different types of Stamps - premium, rare, ultra rare.
Unlock a new snapshot for your PFP, and it becomes a part of the PFP
  • • 3 matching Stamps can be used to unlock a Snapshot for any of the Hello Kitty and Friends World PFPs in your collection (not just the one that you traveled to a location with).

Challenge 1: Begins September 1

  • Travel Destinations: Paris, London, Barcelona, and the RECUR Pass Holder exclusive location: Miami.

Challenge 2: Begins September 15

  • Travel Destinations: Berlin, Sydney, New York City, and the RECUR Pass Holder exclusive location: Tokyo.

Trade for Snapshots: Begins early October

  • After everyone has had a chance to wrap up their travels and get their stamp collections in order, we’ll open up Snapshots to begin trading in those stamps!

Check out the Travel Glossary and FAQs at the bottom of the page here if you have any questions!

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